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Choice & Flexibility 

Choose a variable or fixed interest rate and repayment terms to suit your budget.

Putting you in control means giving you a clear idea of what you can expect from a mortgage. Fill in the fields below to find a mortgage plan that’s right for you.

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This calculator is made available to you as a tool for independent use and is not intended to provide financial advice. Because these calculations are informational and not intended as investment advice, Casera Credit Union does not guarantee the calculator's accuracy. The results are hypothetical and based on interest rates and payments remaining constant throughout the amortization period. Please call or visit your neighbourhood branch for personalized financial advice from qualified professionals. 

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Take Control Of Your Expenses

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can afford to do today. We’ll help you make it easy to refinance your debt, or borrow for a new car or home building project.

Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to arrange a consultation. We won’t share or use the information you provide for any reason but to discuss your borrowing options with you.

Own Your Ability To Move Ahead

Moving ahead can mean many things. But your plans and your finances aren’t always aligned. That’s when you want a borrowing option you can afford.

People need personal loans or a line of credit for various reasons—to pay unexpectedly for a replacement car, build or renovate your home, fund a vacation, consolidate credit card debt, or just address a temporary shortage of cash.

 Let us help you find your best borrowing option so you can forge ahead without feeling the pinch.

Choose the Right Rate for You

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on terms that fit your life.

A Casera Credit Union mortgage gives you…

  • Choice and flexibility with a wide variety of rates, terms and repayment plans.

  • More freedom to save with competitive rates, limited penalties and no hidden fees.

  • Worry-free transfers from other financial institutions.
  • Pre-approval with guaranteed interest rates for 90 days.

  • Portability and assumability with existing interest rates intact.

  • Peace of mind through low-cost mortgage protection insurance.
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A personal loan can provide a sense of security and stability as you grow your life. A timely loan can provide several benefits:

Save Money 

Save on interest and pay no penalty when you pay out your loan early.

Overdraft Protection 

Cover an unexpected shortage of funds without having to transfer money.

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Your Borrowing Options

Vehicle Loan 

Finance your new set of wheels—whether you’re looking at a new or used vehicle—with a repayment schedule that’s affordable for you.

We have many borrowing options for when you find yourself short of cash. Let’s look at three: a car loan, homeowner loan and consolidation loan.

Homeowner Loan 

If you’re building a new home, putting on an addition or doing some home renos that have been on your to-do list for a while, you’ll find financing that fits your budget.

Consolidation Loan 

Combine various loans into one so you can make one easy and affordable debt repayment each month and feel like you’re finally getting somewhere.

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